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DVD - Bruce Springsteen live in Passaic 1978 - 1Dual-Layer DVD - September 20

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

"Live In Passaic - September 20th 1978"

Capitol Theatre

Passaic, NJ

September 20, 1978

JEMS Archive/Brucevideos

New Video Source/2011 transfer: production Beta cassette > restored Sony Betamax > uncompressed video capture (image stabilization, timebase correction, etc.) > Adobe Premiere > Auto Color / Crop filters > MPEG2 @ average 7.7mbps > MPEG Video Wizard > DVD Lab Pro

New Audio Source/2011 transfer: 1/2-track, 15 IPS master soundboard reels (baked for playback) > azimuth-adjusted playback on professional reel to reel > 24/96 capture > down sample > Sound Forge 9 (resample to 48k, time stretch filter for sync, compression, eq)

Disc 1 (dual layer)

Good Rockin' Tonight


Spirit In The Night

Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Independence Day

The Promised Land

Prove It All Night

It's My Life

Thunder Road


Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town


Candy's Room

Because The Night

Point Blank

Kitty's Back

Disc 2

Incident On 57th Street

Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

Born To Run

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

Detroit Medley

Twist And Shout

The classic revisited. Along with the pro-shot recordings from the Capital Centre 1978 and 1980, the in-house, black-and-white video from the second night at the Capitol Theatre has been beloved by fans and collectors for more than 30 years and with good reason. Recorded one day after the famous Piece De Resistance radio broadcast, 9/20 in another special show with a looser vibe (the pressure of playing for his entire northeast fanbase on the live broadcast was lifted) and a few key setlist changes, among them "Incident on 57th Street."

While the 9/20 video has circulated among fans almost since the day it was recorded, a number of factors have conspired to undermine its quality. First, there's the inherent problem of analog video, which loses quality with each successive generation. The master tapes for the Capitol Theater were supposedly recorded on a 3/4-inch, U-matic tape format, good for its time, but mediocre compared to the formats that followed. Then there's the camera problem.

The cameras at Capitol Theatre employed auto-exposure control, and, as the veteran video technician who handled this transfer explains, "With those cameras, if the light got low, the cameras would automatically increase gain. But the gain would be the overall output, including blacks and sync. That's why it gets washed out. The black level is increasing. Cameras today don't do that." If you saw the recent sample from this show posted by Wolfgang's Vault, you saw the problem in spades. (And if you're asking, who knows if WV's promised future remastered version of the show will be an upgrade, but since it will only ever be available as a web stream it doesn't really matter).

Couple the camera issue with inferior consumer video tape formats and bad analog transfer chains, and it is no wonder that the best circulating copy (generally considered to be the MilesHai version) is awash in gray, with significant loss of detail, especially from the camera at the foot of the stage. At times, Bruce's face is completely blown out.

To the best of our knowledge, no circulating copy of the 9/20 video comes from a verified generation and this copy is no exception. However, there are two good reasons to believe this is the lowest-generation copy to be converted to DVD. First, the source is a production Beta tape acquired circa 1978-79. Second, an A-B comparison of the uncompressed transfer shows considerably more detail and contrast than previous versions. The result is a materially better picture. The auto-exposure effects can't be fixed, but there is a very watchable result.

Pete took the uncompressed transfer, and utilised Adobe Premiere's Auto Color filter to reduce the impact of the auto-exposure effects. The result is a substantial improvement, particularly to that camera at the foot of the stage. The video was gently compressed to fit onto two DVDs (one DVD-9/dual layer and one standard DVD).

But not before he painstakingly synced a brand new soundboard audio source to the video to improve both sound and picture. A couple of minor patches from the video soundtrack aside, the new audio is sourced from actual master reels recorded the night of the show. JEMS will release the audio in CD and hi-res versions in a matter of days (PLEASE DO NOT CAPTURE THE AUDIO HERE AND TORRENT IT), and we'll tell more of the story then, but suffice it to see 9/20 has never sounded like this before. The Darkness tour may never have sounded this good before.

The new audio source does offer some previously missing bits - "Thunder Road" is now complete, and while "Jungleland" and "Incident" are still cut on the video, the audio is complete and included here. Two patches to the audio were required, the start of "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" and the end of "Twist And Shout". Both utilise the original video audio.

This project has been one of our most ambitious to date, from tracking down the new video and audio sources, to baking the reels, to getting a very old Beta tape to track properly, to hours upon hours of work syncing the audio by Pete (thanks for partnering on this sir; we couldn't have done it without you). We hope you enjoy and appreciate the upgrade.

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MP3 - Bruce Springsteen live in Baltimore 2009 - 3CD - November 20

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
1st Mariner Arena
Baltimore, Maryland

source: audience

Disc 1:
01. intro
02. Wrecking Ball
03. Prove It All Night
04. Hungry Heart
05. Working On A Dream
06. BTR intro
07. Thunder Road
08. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
09. Night
10. Backstreets
11. Born To Run
12. She's The One
13. Meeting Across The River
14. Jungleland

Disc 2:
01. Waitin' On A Sunny Day
02. Spirit In The Night
03. Green Onions
04. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
05. The E Street Shuffle
06. For You
07. Radio Nowhere
08. My Love Will Not Let You Down
09. Long Walk Home
10. The Rising
11. Badlands

Disc 3: (encore)
01. Ramrod
02. public service announcement
03. Hard Times
04. Land Of Hope And Dreams
05. American Land
06. Dancing In The Dark
07. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
08. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher
09. Glory Days

Download this bootleg here

MP3 - Bruce Springsteen live in Nashville 2009 - 3CD - November 18

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
Sommet Center
Nashville TN
November 18, 2009

Pretty nice audience recording. Recorded from side about
halfway up close to the stage. Free from audience chatter
and complete.

Recorded with Edirol R-09 with Church Cartoid Mics.

01 Wrecking Ball
02 Seeds
03 Trapped
04 Something In The Night
05 Hungry Heart
06 Working On A Dream

07 Born To Run
08 Thunder Road
09 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
10 Night
11 Backstreets
12 Born To Run
13 She's The One
14 Meeting Across The River
15 Jungleland

16 Waiting On A Sunny Day
17 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
18 Two Hearts
19 Darlington County
20 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
21 Lonesome Day
22 The Rising
23 Badlands

24 Ring of Fire
25 No Surrender
26 Bobby Jean
27 American Land
28 Dancing In The Dark
29 Rosalita
30 (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher

Download this bootleg here

MP3 - Bruce Springsteen live in East Rutherford 2009 - 3CD - October 9

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Giants Stadium
East Rutherford NJ 10/9/2009

Schoeps MK4V's
Schoeps VMS5U
Edirol R1


File Deleted Openning prerecorded music
1. Wrecking Ball (Max & Patti)
2. Badlands
3. Spirit In The Night
4. Outlaw Pete
5. Hungry Heart (crowd surfing)
6. Working On A Dream
7. Born In The USA (dedicated to a friend for his birthday)
8. Cover Me
9. Darlington County
10. Working On The Highway
11. Downbound Train
12. I'm On Fire
13. No Surrender
14. Bobby Jean
15. I'm Goin' Down
16. Glory Days
17. Dancing In The Dark (w/a middle-aged bald guy)
18. My Hometown
19. Tougher Than The Rest (for Danny)
20. The Promised Land
21. Last To Die
22. Long Walk Home
23. The Rising
24. Born To Run (w/Jay)
~~~~ collecting signs~~~~ (RYH riff)(w/Max)
25. Raise Your Hand / You Sexy Thing
27. Waitin' On A Sunny Day (Marriage Proposal)
28. Seven Nights To Rock
29. Kitty's Back
30. JAmerican Land
31: Jersey Girl

Download this bootleg here

MP3 - Bruce Springsteen live in East Rutherford 2009 - 3CD - October 8

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street bnd
Giants Stadium
East Rutherford NJ

Schoeps MK 4V's->
Schoeps VMS5U->
Edriol R1

Wrecking Ball (with Curt Ramm)
Out in the Street
Outlaw Pete
Hungry Heart
Working on a Dream
Thunder Road
Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (with Jake Clemons, Ed Manion, Curt Ramm)
Born to Run
She's the One
Meeting Across the River (with Curt Ramm)
Waitin' on a Sunny Day
Raise Your Hand (instrumental)
It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City
My Love Will Not Let You Down
Because the Night
Human Touch
Lonesome Day
The Rising
No Surrender
* * *
4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
Bobby Jean
American Land (with Curt Ramm)
Dancing in the Dark
Twist and Shout


MP3 - Bruce Springsteen live in East Rutherford 2009 - 3CD - October 3

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Giants Stdium, East Rutherford, NJ
October 3, 2009

Nakamichi 300 cardioids (Chopped)>battery box> Edirol R-09

Fun show.  Sound not as good as last night, but better than first night!

Wrecking Ball
Out in the street
Outlaw pete
Hungry heart
Working on a dream
Born In The U.S.A.
Cover Me
Darlington County
Working on the Highway
Downbound Train
I'm on Fire
No Surrender
Bobby Jean
I'm Goin' Down
Glory Days
Dancing in the Dark
My Hometown
Promised Land
Last to Die
Long walk Home
The Rising
Born to Run
raise your hand===sign collecting
Kitty's Back
Detroit Medley
American Land
Waiting on a Sunny Day
Thunder road


MP3 - Bruce Springsteen live in Chicago 2009 - 3CD - September 20

Bruce Springsteen

United Center, Chicago, IL USA

1 Seeds
2 No Surrender
3 Johnny 99
4 Cover Me
5 Outlaw Pete
6 Hungry Heart
7 Working on a Dream
8 intro to complete Born to Run album
9 Thunder Road
10 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
11 Night
12 Backstreets
13 Born to Run
14 She's the One
1 Meeting Across the River
2 Jungleland
3 Waitin' on a Sunny Day
4 The Promised Land
5 Radio Nowhere
6 Lonesome Day
7 The Rising
8 Badlands
9 encore break
Disk 3:
1 Hard Times
2 Raise your Hand (instr)
3 Da Doo Ron Ron
4  figuring out the next song
5 Rockin' Robin
6 I'm Goin' Down
7 American Land
8 Dancing in the Dark
9 Rosalita

Download this bootleg here